Sport is life. Viva is that voice inside your head saying one more sprint, a few more metres, one more tackle. We’re your team mate willing you back to your feet to attack again. We’re your coach screaming to win the ball back. We’re the fans pushing you forward. We are the fabric of a community that loves sport. We unite, bind together, identical as one in sport.

Together we perform.

We celebrate the triumphs, we inspire the tired, and our promise is to push on together to glory, training session after training session, day after day, game after game.

For the love of all games, the inspiration to win and the strength to improve at every level, we stand with you, behind you and for you.

“VIVA empowers each player to find their greatness through inspiration, performance innovation and the true partnerships it fosters with sporting communities.”


VIVA commenced operations in 2011 with an office situated in Adelaide, South Australia.

Founded by Viv Chauhan, VIVA now has unparalleled experience in manufacturing high quality sportswear.

Our specialty is performance sportswear ensuring everyone can look, feel and perform their best.

We are a team with vast industry experience and knowledge servicing many clients throughout Australia. Our head office situated in Adelaide houses our graphics department, garment technician, product innovation department, online order tracking facilities, heat transfer detailing, and production warehouse.

We also have offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

VIVA has built its success by working with clients as a genuine partner, creating high quality products and taking a “can-do” approach to its customer service.

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